Louise Broadbridge

Blogger & Senior Midwife
My name is Louise, I am a Registered, Senior Midwife and a wife and Mum to my two children, Jack 16 and Isobelle 12. I have two fur canine babies too which also keep me busy! I am striving for much more honesty surrounding the transition from young, free and single to pregnant, early parenthood and beyond. Becoming a parent is one of lifespan's gifts but also one of life's biggest challenges. I set up @thehonestmidwife to offer honest and evidence-based information, support and advice minus all the fluff! I am a strong advocate for both breast and formula feeding and feel it important that whatever method is chosen by parents that it is well supported. Finally, I love Dads! Not in a weird way but I think they have a tough time and should be supported better!

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