My Expert Midwife

Pregnancy Advice and Skincare Brand
My Expert Midwife was founded in 2017 by registered midwife Lesley Gilchrist and massage specialist Claire Charlton, inspired by their mutual understanding of the reality of the physical challenges that women face during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Drawing from personal experience and professional expertise they created a range of no-nonsense skincare products developed to tackle taboos around pregnancy and childbirth for new and expectant mums and new babies. At the heart of the business is a team of registered midwives with 140+ years of​ experience in midwifery and specialist expertise in clinical research, breastfeeding, new-born development, complementary therapies, nutrition and preconception. Alongside our award-winning products we offer evidence-based information and advice on our website and through webinars, antenatal classes and e-books.

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