Rebecca Palmer

Colic Expert & Founder of Colic SOS
As a mother of two, Rebecca has personally lived through the difficulties of colic. She knows the frustration, exhaustion, and overwhelming feelings which come when dealing with a colicky baby. As a former solicitor, when her newborn son arrived and presented with colic symptoms, she felt powerless and totally helpless. It was for this reason Rebecca drastically changed her career and trained as an accredited colic specialist. Over the five years that she has worked as a mum and baby wellness practitioner, she has worked with over 1000 families. Through Colic SOS, she offers one-to-one expert consultancy and developed her own four-step process to help parents get to the bottom of their baby's colic. Designed to not only help establish a baby's root cause but also support and guide families through this difficult journey with her knowledge, expertise and care.

Articles written by Rebecca Palmer

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