How to Plan the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

girl in bunny ears doing Easter egg hunt

The best part about the Easter holidays has to be the chocolate eggs, and an Easter egg hunt is the perfect activity to get the whole family involved.

Here are my top tips for planning the ultimate Easter Egg hunt!

Get Organised 

The first tip is to get organised and add the multi-pack chocolate eggs to your weekly shop.

Don’t forget that every year the supermarkets run clean out of Easter eggs nearer the time, so it’s best to be prepared a couple of weeks in advance. If you’re holding a smaller-scale hunt, or are looking to plan the ultimate hassle-free Easter egg hunt, buy a ready-made set. Kinder’s Easter Egg Hunt Kit is a great shout. 

Consider Intolerances 

If you’re planning an Easter egg hunt for a group of children, check for any intolerances. Many children will have dairy intolerances or nut allergies for example, so your easter egg hunt ideas may have to adapt to include them.

My two were dairy and soya free until they were around 3-years-old. The good news is that more DF and SF options are available every year. Moo Free does a brilliant Easter Egg Hunt Box filled with 10 foil-wrapped choc eggs, and the chocolate tastes delicious. 

Of course, Easter egg hunts don’t have to be all about chocolate and sugar highs. You can get creative with a batch of hard-boiled eggs and decorate them with your kids the week before, or buy reusable plastic eggs and hide little prizes inside. These eggs are also great for hiding clues. 

Make an Easter Basket

You can pick up Easter baskets at the supermarket, but if your kids are older, why not get crafty and have fun making your own Easter baskets? I love this simple craft by Norland Nanny Anita.

Planning an Indoor and Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt

Organise the hunt in your available space, and if the forecast is warm and sunny, get outdoors! The benefit of an outdoor Easter egg hunt is that you can organise it without the kids realising it's happening, and it’s a chance to get them running around outside in the fresh air.

It’s been a wet spring so far, so chances are the Easter egg hunt may need to take place indoors. Plant the eggs the night before, once they’ve gone to bed, or get them out of the house in the morning so you have time to set everything up. 

Clues and Signs For an Easter Egg Hunt

You can buy pre-made clues online if you don’t have time to make your own, Etsy has a great selection for this. Alternatively, give Google a whirl for some inspo and write your own on coloured paper or check out Pinterest for some printable clues. 

You’ll also want to invest in some arrow signs to help your little ones along the way. Of course, you can make these or check out Amazon. These Henbrandt Easter Egg Hunt Arrow Signs look cool.

Plan Your Route

If you’re planning the ultimate Easter egg hunt, decide on your route and ensure you hide your chocolate eggs in a safe place so the kids aren’t falling on shovels and rakes in the shed or climbing up on kitchen cupboards. 

Pick obvious places to stash the loot – especially if your children are little. Think empty washing machines, bookshelves, fruit bowls and wellies in the hallway.

If you’re braving the outdoors, think bird baths, outside sheds, the garden gate, under benches, in flower pots, on trampolines, or nestled under plants or trees. 

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers 

Consider separating the hunt if your group includes kids of different ages. Toddlers won’t need clues; they’ll be more than happy tearing around looking for shiny, colourful foil. You could even incorporate an egg-counting element into the search for younger children, also this isn't usually done in a traditional easter egg hunt it's a great way to enrich the hunt with hidden ways to increase their knowledge of numbers/counting. 

A Few Last Tips To Remember

Keep an eye on your little bunnies at all times.

Count your Easter eggs so you know how many are left hiding at the end, and keep any chocolate away from hungry pets.

And lastly, enjoy it! Take some photos and make some memories. 

Happy Easter! 

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