How to Survive the Boxing Day Sales With Young Children


Going shopping on Boxing Day can be the most stressful day ever to enter the shops, I actually think it’s the busiest shopping day of the year! However far too many of us cannot deny ourselves a good bargain! Especially if you’ve had your eye on something for a good while and you very well know that as soon as December 26th hits, it’s price is going down considerably. Now the thought of entering into the shopping world on boxing day is bad enough without adding small children into the mix but here are my top 10 tips to survive this year's boxing day sales with your little ones!

Bring A Friend

Do NOT go alone with the child(ren). Now I know we all like to think we’re Superwomen but this would just end in disaster! So make sure you grab your partner (if they’re anything like my hubby, they’ll be ecstatic 😉 ), a granny or an auntie to come shopping with you! This ensures there’s someone with the buggy, or holding a hand whilst you get to have a good look at the bargains without getting distracted. The more people on the shopping trip the better, children get bored easily if they’ve got more than one person to talk too, play with etc the less chance of a complete meltdown in the first shop.

Let Them Bring Something

Allow your child to bring something that they got for Christmas or something you know they’ll want to take with them, normally we have a rule that toys stay at home but if it’s something that they really love and don’t want to part with, it’ll be good to keep them entertained whilst you shop.

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Plan Your Shopping Trip

Make a list of all the shops you want to go to and then plan where you’ll go first. Plan to get in early and work your way through your list. On Boxing Day shopping centres are always heaving it helps to have a plan of where you want to go. It’s also good to be able to say to the kids, there are only three shops left and then we can go

Ask Where They Want To Go

Let them pick a shop to go to, include them. Little Miss H is 3 and LOVES the Disney store. Whenever we’re in town she’ll ask to go and we always say if you’re good we can go once Mummy is finished doing what she needs to do. It works every time, it’s a handy incentive for good behaviour and it gives them something to look forward too, this is also where the handy countdown comes in, because believe me you’ll be asked when it’s going to be time to go to their shop.


Pack snacks. Pack all the snacks! This saves having to stop off and go and pick up some snacks whilst you’re out, especially if you’re just wanting to go in, get what you want and get back out again. I’ve always found snacks to be a good tantrum distraction too. Make sure to pack something to drink and some snacks for the hubby too! A hangry hubby on an already stressful shopping trip will not be fun!

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Pick A Good Shopping Spot

Try and find a shopping centre that has all the shops you want to go too, that way there’s only one car park fee, you only need to unload the buggy and children once and save the hassle of going in and out the car countless times because battling with your toddler to get into their car seat is one stress that you do not need when you have sale shopping to do.

Pack The Pram

Make sure you pack the buggy or reins to save having to hunt down a runaway toddler, nothing worse than stressing out over a child who won’t stand still and hold a hand…enter major tantrum. Having the buggy is also handy to load up your shopping bags with, also great if your little one gets exhausted walking around the shops, they can nap whilst you shop. Win-win for everyone!

Make It Fun

Let them help, turn it into a game, if they’re a bit older and know their colours get them to help you find the things you’re looking for. It’ll give them something to do and if they’re independent they’ll like being included to help.

Let Them Take Spending Money

If they’ve been gifted some Christmas pennies, let them bring some, let them have some fun picking out something in the sale too, this will tie into picking out a shop that they want to go to. Little Miss H, loves paying for things, she likes to give the cashier the money and take the bag off of them.

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Just Stay At Home

Last but not least...If the kids are still hyped up on Christmas or are completely shattered because Christmas was just too much and you're still in that food coma from all that Christmas turkey, why not cosy up on the couch and shop the boxing day sales online?! Is there even a better way to shop than in your PJs, cosy in front of the fire, with the sound of the kids playing in the background whilst you browse the sales from the comfort of your own home? I mean there’s no hurry to get dressed, no stressing about finding a car park with space, no prying the kids away from their new toys and you can have a wee prosecco whilst you shop. Ideal! Guess how I’m doing the boxing day sales this year?! 😉

Happy Shopping!

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