Lifestyle Changes After Having a Baby

Parent holding newborn baby's hand

We’re all aware of the physical changes our bodies go through growing and birthing babies, but that’s not what I’ll be discussing today. Instead, I’m looking at some of the more impactful lifestyle changes after having a baby. It’s important to acknowledge how much life changes once you have a baby, so let’s dive in.

Your priorities change.

Pre-children you probably had a very different list of priorities to that now. Maybe you were career-focused or perhaps saving for an all-inclusive holiday somewhere exotic? Now you have children I bet your priorities are different. Your child instantly becomes your priority. Everything you do from now on will have your child at the forefront of your mind. Even the littlest things such as when you do the weekly food shop need to have your child's needs considered. It’s a big lifestyle change - And it doesn't mean you were selfish before - It’s just different.

Schedule? What schedule?

A lot of new parents struggle in the beginning phases of parenthood because we’re pushed into creating a strict routine with our babies. We’re taught that formula-fed babies need feeding X amount every X hours. And that if your baby is X months old they need X amount of sleep with X wake windows. It seems like there’s a rule and routine for everything. Now, you tell me which baby sticks to a textbook routine... There’s no such thing. So there’s absolutely no point worrying or getting bogged down if your baby doesn’t have a schedule. Strictly speaking, it's a given that your schedule is pretty much their schedule at the moment. As new parents, we’re slaves to our babies and as frustrating as it is, it’s important to realise it’s not forever. Things will look a little bit more routine for you eventually but for the first couple of years, your schedules may be a little disrupted.

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You'll have less money.

I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to have the most expensive or up to date items to look after your new baby. The priority is safety and hygiene. With that being said, there’s no denying that having children can be expensive. Latest reports state that we’ll spend an average of £151K raising our children to the age of 18 with the first year setting us back £11.5K alone. In my own experience, I’d like to think we haven’t spent that much, but when you think of nappies, food, clothing items etc it’s easy to see how costs add up.

Your relationship changes.

Having a baby will completely change the dynamic of your relationship. Almost instantly your child becomes your priority and for some, this can be quite difficult. A lot of couples struggle after giving birth as the extra responsibility of a small human can put a lot of strain on a relationship. It’s important to realise however that just because there’s tension or differences it doesn't mean the end for your relationship. It’s very normal for people to have different parenting styles or differences of opinions. It’s about working together as a team. Thinking positively, some couples thrive as parents. It’s amazing seeing your partner become a parent, seeing them transform and bond with the baby. With a newborn, you get to learn lots of things about your partner and grow together as a couple.

You see life with new eyes.

Lastly, one of the biggest lifestyle changes after having a baby is seeing life with new eyes. You may have been a little reckless before children with a YOLO attitude to life, but now you have a baby life looks a little different. Having a baby influences how you live your life. You want to be around for as long as possible to enjoy your children. You’ll probably want to stay active and live a healthier lifestyle so you can be there for and play with your kids more often. Aside from your health, you’ll probably become more opinionated and advocate for yourself and your children more freely. I’m personally much more confident since having children and will happily stick up for my family when needed.

Babies completely change the way you think and live your life. There are lots of lifestyle changes which happen once you have your baby and it can be quite a struggle for some. Hopefully being aware of these changes can help you plan for and deal with your new lifestyle changes.

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