Newborn Wishlist


Today I am going to be sharing with you some things which we really want to purchase for the new baby. We are very lucky because we still have many of the bigger items like the cot and the pram still from Jess. This does mean that we have more money to spend on some of the other items which we are going to need to purchase.

Car Seat

This is something which we need to purchase as our less one broke. There was something which ate the thing in the middle. Due to us having a pram and the adaptors we need to get one which is compatible. We do have our eye on a couple, we are having a fitting very soon so we can get the best ones for our car. They are the Cybex brand, the one which we have our eye on it's the Cybex atom m i-size. I am sure I will do a review on the car seat which we end up purchasing and using it for a while. We had a Cybex previously however, they do not sell that model anymore. I think we are also going to purchase a car seat rain cover as well this time. This is something which I regret not having before. With this baby due in January there is going to be

Baby Carrier

This is another item which we have on our wishlist this time. Of course, we are going to have a toddler and a newborn so I am going to need both hands. This is going to be amazing to be able to do the nursery run because it will save me getting the big pram out. Also, I am going to be able to do housework as well giving me my hands. Currently, we have not looked too much into baby carriers, I think this a summer job when Joe has some time off. Of course, I am going to have to try them on and make sure we get the right one for us.

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Changing Bag

For sure this is proving one of the hardest for us. We want a changing bag which is unisex and less like a handbag the reason behind this is Joe wants to be able to use it. He is likely to end up taking the newborn out on his own and does not want something so girly. There is a few which we have our eye on, skip hop have some amazing ones, I also like some from mamas and papas. I want it to have enough pockets as well and for it to be fit for purpose. We are lucky all we need to take out for Jess now is nearly juice as she is potty trained.


Another item which is on our wishlist is a playmat. This is some which Jess only had at her grandparent's house; however, I would love one for the new baby. We have more space than we have had before. This does mean there is going to be something for the new baby to do. This will let them grow. I do not want one which is too bright and almost tacky, however, I do want it to be stimulating. In order for the baby to be interested to play with it. There are ages until the baby is born so we do not need to purchase just yet. We have looked at a few, however, we have not decided which one we will be purchasing yet.


We actually want to purchase a bath thermometer this is because I went to be sure that the temperature is correct. It has been nearly 4 years since I bathed a baby. I also had my mum on hand however, this time we will not as we do live their now. You can pick up some of these pretty cheaply and I would love this for peace of mind. I also want to get a groegg because this means we know how warm the room is. Of course, having a January baby means that the weather may be cold. We do not want the baby too cold so this again is going to give me some peace of mind.

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This is something which I want to stock up on as this is something, we used so many when Jess was little. They are going to be great to swaddle the baby when they are a newborn. Of course, they're essential for wiping up the sick which is always going to occur when you have a newborn. Of course, I have been looking at some muslins from Aden and Adias they have some beautiful designs. They are something which I had for Jess because never had some of the amazing ones which they do now. For sure this is going to be something which we stock up on because you get through so many of them.

Sleeping Bags

Again, this is something which we did not use with Jess however, we are going to be using with the new baby. We want to make sure that they are warm enough because Jess used to end up kicking the blankets off all of the time. As a first-time mum who became a mum without getting to do all the baby shopping, I didn't know you could get these. We have already purchased a couple of them however, I think I need one more. They are so adorable and I cannot stop purchasing them.

What was on your newborn wishlist?

Charlotte xxx

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