Pregnancy Fashion Tips and Tricks

pregnant woman holding bump

So, you just found out you’re pregnant and aren’t sure what to do about your wardrobe full of skinny jeans, bodysuits and pretty LBDs? Do not worry, and definitely don’t run out for a brand new wardrobe right away. Here are some tips and tricks for you as your pregnancy progresses, to save the stress and cost of buying brand new clothes for your growing bump.

Be Creative

When you are newly pregnant, and want to keep the secret from others for a little while, the best thing to do is get creative with which of your outfits you wear whilst out and about. Think empire waistlines that skim over your expanding waistline, oversized knits that can be baggy without being too obvious, and clever cuts that accentuate the areas you want, whilst drawing the eye away from the areas that you want to disguise.

Invest in Staple Pieces

When you do need to get some new clothes, because yours no longer fit, shop smart and go for pieces that can be adapted and worn together. I’m talking about a good quality pair of maternity jeans, some black leggings and a couple of nice maternity dresses, that can be layered for the changing seasons. You do not need all those fancy maternity fashion items that you see in magazines or on Instagram. A lot of ‘normal’ clothes are perfectly fine to wear during pregnancy, just size up!

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Shop Secondhand

Maternity clothing is worn for such a short period of time, that you can pick up absolute bargains by shopping secondhand in charity shops, online or using apps such as eBay, Depop and Vinted. Shop around, ask friends who have babies if they still have any of their old maternity clothes, and save all those pennies for some nice treats after baby is born and you get to shop for clothes that don’t have an extendable waistband.

Raid His Wardrobe

As you near the end of your pregnancy, you might get even bigger than you expected as your bump changes size, shape and position. Do not cry and run out for more clothes, have a little look in your partner’s wardrobe and see if any of their bigger clothes might work for the short-term until baby has arrived. Men’s jumpers, hoodies and jogging bottoms, in particular, are great for lounging around the house in during those last few weeks, and if he complains, just remind him who is about to birth that baby you both made!

Try not to panic-buy when it comes to pregnancy fashion. It can be daunting to think about how much your body is going to change, and you may worry that none of your clothes will ever fit again, but it is worth waiting to see how your body changes, before heading to the shops. Adapt the outfits you already have, find some secondhand bargains, and remember that you don’t need specific maternity clothes most of the time. Relax and enjoy - dressing your bump can be fun, not frustrating! 

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