Summer Essentials: Toddler Edition

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Summer is a time which a lot of us look forward to. The sunshine always makes people feel better about their day and life. However, when you have a toddler who may not like the heat or be able to cope with it. Summer may not be the greatest. Today I am going to share with you what we find to be essential when it comes to the summer with a toddler. Some of these products we have used every year and some are recent discoveries from last years heatwave.

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Sun Hat

This may be an essential, however, it can be super hard to keep a hat on their head. You can purchase hats which allow you to tie the ribbon at the bottom under their chin which means that it is harder to remove the hat. We found that if you make your child keep the hat on they will get used to doing it. As they get older they will keep them on. When Jess was younger we used to love the ones which had the protection for the neck as well. We found the supermarkets to be great for summer hats. I wouldn't recommend spending a lot of money on them as they can become covered in suncream.

Sun Cream

Of course, this is something which is essential. We have tried a number of different brands we have loved the Nivea Sun roll-on suncream. This is one of the only suncreams which we have found Jess is happy to allow us to apply. I think that it is because she thinks we are drawing on her. It does come in factor 30 and 50 so high enough to protect their skin. I have used this and found that it still works for even me however, I wouldn't recommend rubbing your eyes after you have applied it. This is something which I have done several times and it really hurts and makes your eyes stream.

Backpack Reins

This is something which we have used for the last two summers. Jess is a bit too old for them this summer as she turns 4 in September. Of course, toddlers always want their independence because they want to feel more grown-up. We have managed to do a lot of days out using the backpack reins for example on days out at the zoo, trips to the park and all kinds of trips you may make this summer. We used the littlelife toddler reins I wish we could still use them. They're not cheap but they are amazing you still have control of your toddler and their independence.

Outdoor Toys

This year we now have a garden we used to as such when we lived with my parents. Jess is a child who loves to be outdoors as much as she can be. This does mean we have to try and a few different toys to keep her entertained. She loves bubbles, footballs, her ball pool and also paddling pool. Of course, she does have a bike and a scooter which she loves to be on. We have found that we have a range of outdoor toys because this then encourages her to play outside. There is so many more toys which you can get for your toddler, we have looked into getting a sandpit however, this is not something which we have done yet. You do not have to spend a fortune people are always selling things second hand on Facebook.

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Reusable Swimming Nappy

This is something which we have used every summer. We never have actually used the disposable swimming nappies. This means that you always have a swimming nappy which fits instead of having to run out to the shops when they want to use the paddling pool. I found them to be cheaper and of course, they do not actually harm the environment which is huge at the moment. Jess can just have it on for as long as she wants and of course, you can use them in the swimming pools if you are lucky to be going on holiday this year as well.

Non-Leaking Cups

It's going to hopefully be warm and this means your toddler is going to want to drink more. Of course, there are going to be days out which you are going on. You want to be able to take water or their favourite juice with you in order to save some pennies. We used to use the Munchkin miracle 360 which does not leak even if you managed to tip this upside down. This means it is amazing because you can put it in your bag. Jess found it super easy to drink with this cup. Of course, you can find it super easy to refill water bottles now because everyone is trying to reduce single-use plastic.

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First Aid Kit

If your toddler is anything like ours you will not get through summer without needing something from this. We even have an emergency one in the car in case we need something when we are actually out. There is some Calpol in the door of our car as well because Jess can need it at any time. You do not need to spend a lot of money on this however, you will thank past you when you need it. I know they sell travel first aid in places like home bargains. Great for your bag for days out.


This is something which Jess has started to use in the last couple of summers. Toddlers have a tendency to want to look up at the sun and of course, this can cause problems. You can get ones for babies up to 12 months from stores such as JoJo Maman Bebe. These are light, comfortable frame and detachable rubber strap so that they can’t be pulled off. If you have a bigger one you can get some amazing sunglasses from Primark you may need a couple of pairs to last you the summer. I have found our toddler can break them over the course of the summer. They have all of the protection which the adult's ones do too.

What would you say are your summer essentials for a toddler?

Charlotte xx

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