The 4 P’s: Pandemic, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Positives


I will be the first to hold my hands up and say I have found this challenging and seem to talk about the negatives more than I would like. That’s why I have decided to write this blog, to remind myself, and anyone else who needs it, of the positives of having a baby during a pandemic.

My first scan was at the end of February last year and just as we were ready to celebrate our wonderful news, the world had other ideas. We were thrown into lockdown and a whole new world of uncertainty, especially as no one seemed to know the effect of COVID-19 on pregnant women. It was a scary time, but I thought it wouldn’t last. Here we are 1 year on. There were no ‘new baby’ shopping trips, no baby shower and there are still family and friends that my baby is yet to meet.

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I could go on, but I’m here to talk about the positives! Lockdown started when I was around 4 months pregnant, with an hour-long commute into London swapped to working from home, this meant I didn’t have to cram onto a packed commuter train, result! I could grow my baby at home, in my own comfortable surroundings. I could nip out in the car or take a short walk to my appointments instead of fitting them in around a hectic work schedule. My husband has been working reduced hours so he has been able to spend more time with us which is such a big bonus we never would have had before! I’m also so grateful for all of the one on one time I’ve had to bond with my baby without anyone’s judgment or opinions.

Apart from a couple of visits from the health visitor when we got home from the hospital we have had no support and we have raised an absolutely lovely, almost 6-month-old, and I never thought we could do it. I have no idea what my baby weighs and I don’t know if he is meeting his milestones without Googling them, but what I do know is my baby is happy and he is loved. As the saying goes - not all heroes wear capes (some of them wear big knickers and bags under their eyes!). I am proud that we can finally say ‘we did it!’ and you should be too! X

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