Third Trimester Essentials


Today I am going to be sharing with you the items which I have found essential within the third trimester. Your third trimester lasts from week 28 to when you give birth. I am now deep into my third trimester... My essentials in this trimester may differ to yours, of course, essentials can differ between pregnancies as well.

Maternity Leggings These have been something which I have been living in for the past few months now. I think I have been wear maternity leggings since the start of September. The ones which I have been loving is Love Leggings full black maternity leggings. These are fleecy which is something which I have needed because of the fact the weather has changed. These go over the bump which means they are even more comfortable, I am going to be able to wear these post-c-section as well which is a huge bonus. I still have not purchased many maternity clothes I think I have 3 pairs of leggings and that is it. I am on the hunt for a coat though because I know I will be able to wear it when I baby wears it as well.

Trainers This may sound like a strange one, however, I have a couple of pairs of trainers which have elastic on them. Which means that I do not have to bend down to tie the laces. Bending down is something which is starting to get harder because of course, the bump is getting bigger. These are getting trashed and are something which I think I might have to get some more. Flat shoes are something which I have to wear now. I find if I have heels on for too long they start to hurt my feet. I am so glad I had a number of trainers already.

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Batch Cooking This is something which a lot of people do in order to have meals for when the baby arrives. But due to the fact that Joe actually ended up going away from my 28th week and to nearly 35 weeks. I was so glad that we had meals in the freezer which I could heat up. I have found that some nights I have not had the energy to cook or even fancied food. But having a home-cooked meal which I can just heat up in the microwave has been an essential for me. I would recommend having someone cooking for you in the third trimester. In case you are like me and do not have much energy.

Snacks These are something which have been essential for me. I have found myself craving toast and chocolate bars usually around 11 am and 3 pm. I know I need the extra calories I wish I had healthy cravings because this is not a great craving to have. Maybe because I am having so many snacks this is why I am not wanting food. The Aldi snickers bars are the one which I have been loving this time they are under 80p for 6 as well. I think I need to start taking snacks out with me now it may stop me having to purchase food when I am out and about.

Showers I think this is because the hot water actually soothes my muscles. I think once Joe is home I will be taking to the bath more. At the moment I am scared to have a bath in case I get stuck in there. I also like my bathes so warm which is not something which you are supposed to do when you are pregnant as you can cook your baby. I love being warm and soothed I think this is why I have been having longer than normal showers.

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Boyfriends Clothes This may seem a really strange one to most people however, I have found borrowing my boyfriend’s clothes essential. It has meant that I do not have to spend as much money on maternity clothing which you may not wear for very long. When we had the heatwave back in the summer I was borrowing his gym shorts as they fit better than mine. Now I have stolen hoodies and coats this means I have not had to purchase any. For some reason this is something I am happy about because it means less clothing to sort out after this pregnancy.

Primark Bras Primark bras are something else which I have found essential during this pregnancy. This is as a result of my boobs constantly growing. I do not want to spend a lot of money when I need new bras every 6-8 weeks. I do not have the smallest boobs anyway which does mean that it does cost me a fair amount of money when I need to replace them. So Primark bras have been essential until they settle down a bit. Then I can go back and have some boux avenue bras which are my favourite.

What did you find essential in your third trimester?

Charlotte xx

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