Toddler Essentials for Autumn


Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the toddler essentials for Autumn. This year we do seem to be saying goodbye to the sunny days faster than usual. Normally you can spend hours in the garden but this year the autumnal weather seems to be hitting early. I have already had to make a start on getting things ready for when the weather changes. For some reason, this seems to be one of my favourite times of the year.


These are essential for a toddler and something which I have always loved Jess to wear. This reminds me I still need to get hold of a pair of them for her. There is something adorable with girls having tights and boots on, it is a trend I maybe need to try myself. Boots keep their feet warm and dry when we have the rainy, miserable days. They are always so practical, we had some amazing pairs from Clarks and last year even Aldi. I am on the hunt for some even though she will be at school a lot more this year. I would completely recommend them for toddlers though as they have never failed us.

Rain Jacket

Sometimes you don't want to break out the complete winter jacket out because it can be too warm. However, you might want a thin waterproof rain jacket which can be great for the showers and rain we get. We love ones which can fold down to barely anything because this means they can early be stored if it suddenly becomes warm during the course of the day. This is something which often happens as it is. We love next for waterproof coats as they seem to last and also keep their value when you come to resell. We have even purchased some for Troy from there too.

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Cardigans\ Jumpers

There is nothing better than being able to layer up to help with the chill. We like a lovely hand-knitted cardigan and we have been lucky that the kids great Nan is amazing at this. I have found it can be hard to get some which are thick enough, usually, they have some amazing ones out for the spring-summer but not as great for the autumn. Sometimes I have found they are not thick enough or they're just really dull and I like bright clothing for kids no matter what season it is. I love cardigans because it means they can still wear some amazing short-sleeved t-shirts so they're not always in long sleeves plus we do have some warmer autumnal days.

Winter gro bags or blanket

Depending on the age of your child this may be one which doesn't really apply to you. If your child still uses gro bags or sleeping bags you might want to purchase the winter tog. So, you don't find yourself panicking when the weather does become slightly cooler than it is now. However, blankets, maybe something you need to dig out because I know there is nothing better Jess enjoys than snuggling up with a blanket and watching a film. More so in the autumn and winter months when everybody wants to be really cosy.


These are also something which can be a huge essential in the autumn. Kids want to jump in muddy puddles and of course, this means that they can while keeping their feet dry. Wellies can be a lot easier to clean should they end up covered in mud, I know that is something which can actually be a problem. I know some nurseries want you to send some wellies so that they can still play outside no matter the weather. We have never spent a fortune on wellies for Jess. Usually, we would pick them up in the supermarket. Usually, we can get a whole winter out of a pair of wellies as well.

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Long sleeves

These are something which are essential, it means you can layer. Both of my children love to wear dungarees and either long-sleeved tops or polo necks which for Jess work so well. I think this look with some of the dungaree dresses is amazing and something which works well for Autumn with boots and tights. Since this Autumn I also have a boy to dress I am also obsessed with them and love them with basic long-sleeved tops and vests. I am sure this is something which both of them will be rocking on Instagram in the upcoming weeks and months.


I also make sure I carry spares in the autumnal months for the children should they have an accident. This usually would happen to Jess as she may fall and her clothes become caked in mud, not something you want to let her spend the rest of the day in. Of course, with Troy being so young I always have spares for him. I would recommend carrying some bottoms socks and a jumper when you are going out just in case.

What are your Autumn essentials with toddlers? Charlotte

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