Top Tips for a Bad Hair Day


It’s one of those phrases we hear a lot, isn’t it? “Bad hair day”. We throw it around like it’s a joke at times, but if you REALLY weren’t blessed with easily manageable hair (hello!) then you’re going to need a fail-safe plan to salvage those days where things really haven’t worked in your favour.

Although we should always remember that ‘what lies within’ is more important than how we look, it doesn’t take away from the fact that a bad hair day can really affect our confidence and how happy we are to undertake certain activities.

There are lots of factors that can play a part in the look and quality of your hair – hormones, heat, humidity, haircare, length and use of treatments will all have an effect. Before you resort to a pair of scissors and drastic measures, have a check through these top tips to see if there are any you haven’t yet tried…

Dry shampoo:

I first discovered Batiste dry shampoo in the ’90s, hidden away on the bottom back shelf at a local chemist alongside hair perms and blue rinses. It was like magic in a bottle and I couldn’t understand why this little gem wasn’t better known or more widely used. If I hadn’t been in my pre-teen years, I’d have set about repurposing and repackaging the stuff to make my millions. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t, and it is now more popular than hairspray and available in different colours to match your hair. Perfect for getting an extra few days out of your hair (invaluable for new mums who end up skipping showers due to clingy babies), adding volume or even disguising roots – it soaks up any extra oils at the roots to keep your hair looking fresh.

Headbands and bandanas:

Headbands and bandanas are great for disguising roots, flyaways and curly cow-licks, the difficulty is finding them in the right size! Too tight and you’ll end up with a headache, too big and they slip back easily…if you find one that works well for you, buy it in lots of colours!

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A failsafe braid:

I think I have personally perfected this one! You can watch a video tutorial for this here. If your hair really isn’t behaving and you need a quick and easy up-do that still looks good, this really is your best bet. It can easily be adapted to pin up all of the hair for swimming etc and its hides even the frizziest of bad hair scenarios. This is my default for most days!

Messy Bun:

Something I struggle with myself, but SO many people can pull this off and look amazing! Pull your hair back into a rough ponytail and either keep the ends looped in, or use some kirby grips to pin them into place. Don’t be too perfect about it – its supposed to be messy!

Wash your fringe:

If your hair is looking a state and you don’t have time to rewash and redo the whole lot, give your fringe a quick wash and blow-dry – it will make a world of difference to the overall look! Extra tip – if you’re out and about and have a frizz disaster, find the nearest public loo, wet it in the sink and dry it under a hand dryer…but maybe not the ones that you have to put your hands INTO…

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It sounds obvious, but prevention is better than a cure when you’re talking about hair health. Find the right shampoo and conditioner treatments for your hair. If your hair is curly, this may mean switching to the ‘curly girl’ method and ditching shampoos and conditioners that contain sulphates and silicones.

Silk and satin caps and pillowcases:

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can make a big difference to frizzy hair as it doesn’t rough up your hair cuticle during the night. If your hair is curly, then sleeping with a silk nightcap can keep your curls intact and stop them from getting caught up and pulled during the night – increasing your chances of a better hair day when you wake up!

Turn down the heat!

Any kind of heat on the hair is damaging, try to limit heated hair appliances to special occasions rather than a daily occurrence to minimise breakage. If you do need to use appliances, use the lowest possible heat setting for your hair. Try switching to a heat freestyle such as the braid mentioned above, or heat-free hair curlers overnight!

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