What Babies Need in the First Six Months


Today I am going to be sharing with you things which your baby needs in the first 6 months. People think that babies actually need loads in the first 6 months this could not be further from the truth. It is every very tempting when you are pregnant to buy everything under the sun. However, you really do not need all of these things so today I am going to be sharing with you the things which you actually. I have actually a baby who is just about 6 months now so this is coming from our own personal experience. Of course, this is our second child so this does mean that some of the products we have not purchased this time around because we did not think that we would need them.

Nappies and Wipes

Of course, this is something which you are going to need no matter what. You can go down the more conventional route which is using disposable wipes and nappies. Or you can do something which we have chosen this time and we have used reusable. They’re not as much hassle as some people think they may be. I know we have had people say to us are they not too much of a pain or things like oh I don't want poo going through my washer. You are also going to need a changing mat or somewhere to change little ones nappy as well. We just have a changing mat for the house which we take upstairs when needed.


Obviously you baby has to sleep close to your bed for the first 6 months of their life. It is recommended for them to stay in your room for the first 6 months of their life. There is lots of different sleeping aids which your baby can use including Moses baskets. Which we have done with both of our children. There is also a bedside crib which can attach to your bed so you do not have to get out or move when tending to your child in the night. You could also a cot which is going to go in their nursery when they move into their own room. This would save you some money because you wouldn't need anything else.

Feeding Equipment

You are going to need to feed your baby of course. Depending on the way you are planning on feeding will determine what you are going to need in terms of feeding equipment. For us, we have formulae fed both of our children. So this means that we needed formulae, bottles and a steriliser. If you are breastfeeding you are going to need some breast pads, nursing bras, possibly a pump if you are wanting to express. I know this is something which people do to allow dads to feed the babies and create that bond. It also allows the Mum to have a break and spend a few hours without the baby if this is something she wishes.

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This can be the best part of shopping when you are pregnant. I found it harder this time because we had not found out if we were going to be having a little boy or a girl. It really opened my eyes up to how gendered things have now become actually. We found it useful to get some bits in 0-3 months and in 3-6 months. Babies do grow quickly so you will need 3-6 months before you know it.. I know a lot of people get newborn and up to one-month things. This is something I am glad we did not bother with then our son arrived at 9lb 9oz. You may also want to get some hats because babies lose a lot of heat through their heads. Scratch mitts in case you need them and the outfits do not have them built-in. We have also found this time we have used a lot more bibs this time around because Troy likes to make more of a mess with his milk.


No matter then time of year your baby is born this going to be something you are going to need. For us having one born in September and December they have been essential for us. Babies can get cold quickly and they need one more layer than us. We have thinner blankets for the summer because we do not need thick ones as we do not want him to boil. Blankets can be used in bed, the car seat and also the pram. This is usually the place where we use blankets the most. Troy also loves to be able to hold something when he is going to sleep so blankets are great for us.


This is something which we did not use a lot with Jess. However, with Troy they have been essential he seems to be a lot more sick and dribbly than Jess ever was. Again because he does like to hold something for comfort when he sleeps thee seem to be perfect. Even if he ended up covering his face with one I know that he is going to be safer than if he did the same with a blanket. We have had a number of muslins from all over and have found that even some of the cheaper ones are as good as some of the more expensive ones.

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This is going to be something which you think that you are going to need when you think of a baby. Depending on your lifestyle and needs you may want a different type of pram. We have barely use our pram this time around this is because we have used the carrier. Plus we have been in lockdown while Troy has been under 6 months. Even though we have barely used it yet I know we are going to get more use out of it. Currently, we use this when we are going for a walk and the weather is not great. We have managed to use the same pram for Troy as we had for Jess.

Car Seat

This is something which you can not get out of the hospital without I do not think. If you drive of course this is going to be 100% essential. I would recommend getting one which you can take out of the car when you have a newborn. This is so that you can bring it into the house when they are asleep in the car. I also like being able to carry the car seat around the supermarket if this is something which I need to be able to do. You are going to have to research what kind of car seat works for you because not every car seat will fit in every car. However, this is going to be an item which you are going to need in the end.

Bathing Equipment

You are going want to be able to bath your baby. There is a couple of ways which you can do this. The first is to have a separate baby bath which you can bathe the baby in. If this is not a product which you want to purchase you can get a little seat which put in your normal bath. This is something which we have used with both children. Even though after a few months when they can almost sit up they would rather be in the water than on the chair. I think this is because they do not get as cold as they would in the chair. I think I would recommend the chair more because there easier to store and are cheaper too.

What did you use with your little one for the first 6 months of their lives?

Charlotte xxx

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