What to Expect When Your Child Starts School

What to Expect When Your Child Starts School

What to Expect when your Child Moves from Pre-School to Reception

If your child has been regularly attending pre-school, then you may feel prepared for the move to reception class at school. I wasn't sure what to expect and imagined it would be an extension of what we'd experienced with pre-school. I found the move really different though, and I want to share some of the things that I didn't expect or prepare myself mentally for!

We Got Little Feedback

Our pre-school was great for keeping us up-to-date on what our son got up to during the day. Messy play. Check. Painting. Check. Story time. Check. Our youngest son is at pre-school at the moment and we get daily updates on what he's doing and what he's eaten. But when he moved to school, we found we didn't get much information about day-to-day life in the classroom. I was unsure of the routine and had no idea if my son had eaten his free school meal. Of course, you can ask your child about their day. But whether they decide to reveal and share their school secrets is another story! My son was very good at telling me he did "nothing" all day.

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Distant Relationships With Carers

We had such a lovely, one-to-one relationship with the people who looked after our son at pre-school. This hasn't been the case at school. We still have good relationships with his teachers but they aren't as close as when he was at his nursery. As you can imagine, the teachers are navigating classes of 30 pupils and many parents and carers. They simply don't have time to debrief everyone at the end of the day. Add Covid into that mix and we felt distant from our school and teachers for a while. That has since changed and we feel much more "in contact" with school now.

Minimal Updates on Progress

Teachers are busy people. They have loads of kids to deal with, all with varying needs. So no wonder we feel like we have very little insight into our son's progress. When he started school, we had a formal "parents evening" five months into the school year. If you have any worries or concerns, then definitely schedule a time to speak with your child's teacher. Trying to catch them at the end of the day is often impossible. We also find contacting them through email works really well. A positive action which came about initially due to the pandemic.

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Drop Off and Pick up Chaos

It's bonkers! Crazy busy with adults and children everywhere! As the years have progressed, I've found some other parent friends and I tend to stand in the same spot each day when collecting. Be prepared for the crowds!

So Many Things to Remember

Schools are busy places with requests coming every other day, it seems. Harvest festivals, non-school uniform days, PTA fundraisers, donations for this, donations for that. It's never-ending. So my advice, get a diary or get your to-dos on a list or in your Outlook.

Has your little one started school yet? It's a lovely time but the change from nursery and pre-school can be daunting for them and us!

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