What You Can Expect From the First Trimester

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Pregnancy is such an exciting & extraordinary time for any expecting mum. If you’re a first-time mum you may not know what you can expect from the first trimester. Even if you’re not, each pregnancy can be so different, it’s difficult to know what you can expect.

Today I’m documenting some common symptoms you can expect from the first trimester, whilst also adding in some of my own experiences, especially as I have recently revealed that I'm pregnant again. Some of the first signs of pregnancy show quickly after conception, some of them take much longer & some of them you may not notice at all. Each person & each pregnancy is different.

What you can expect from the first trimester.

Missed period.

One of the first telltale signs of pregnancy is a missed period. For some women, however, a missed period can go unnoticed due to implantation bleeding.

Implantation bleeding is a small amount of spotting that usually happens 10-14 days after conception. It’s completely normal. The bleeding happens usually around the time you’d expect to have a menstrual period although often appears much lighter than menstrual bleeding.

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A heightened sense of smell.

Hyperosmia or a heightened sense of smell is something a lot of women experience during their first trimester. This can make previously mild smells become really appealing and difficult to deal with.

It’s thought that women who experience hyperosmia will also experience a higher level of sickness during their pregnancy.

I’ve not experienced this personally, however have known numerous women who go through hyperosmia. An ex-manager of mine suffered really badly with it during her pregnancy & said it was the most annoying pregnancy symptom.


When you first get pregnant a huge amount of your energy goes into growing your baby which can cause huge amounts of tiredness. The first trimester and third trimester are renowned for being the most draining.

This one I have experienced! More so in my second pregnancy than my first. I don’t really remember feeling particularly tired the first time around. This time around I get tired doing the simplest of tasks.


There’s no such thing as morning sickness! It’s a lie! Morning sickness can happen at any time of the day or night in pregnancy.

It usually comes in around the six-week mark. There are also different levels of sickness during pregnancy. Some women don’t experience it, others can suffer quite badly. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is an extreme form of morning sickness that can cause severe vomiting during pregnancy.

I've been very lucky throughout both my pregnancies so far & have (dare I say it) barely had any sickness. I'm 100% that jammy pregnant lady that hasn't really suffered from morning sickness & I apologise profusely about that! Eeep!

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Breast tenderness.

Tender, swollen and heavy breasts can be expected during the first trimester. This is due to having higher levels of oestrogen and progesterone & your body preparing itself for making milk.

I’ve experienced breast tenderness throughout both pregnancies for the majority of the 40 weeks. It’s something that seems to hit me first & although it’s not the most unpleasant first trimester symptoms, I can’t say I haven’t complained about them. I remember when I was younger I wanted a boob job so much!... Now I'm glad I didn't! I miss my little boobs so much!

Frequent urination.

One of the more annoying pregnancy symptoms is the increased need to wee. Your body produces the hormone HCG during pregnancy. This increases blood flow to your kidneys helping to efficiently rid your and your baby’s body of waste. Every first-trimester symptom has a reason behind it & I find it so interesting. As sad as it sounds all of these symptoms mean our bodies are doing exactly what they should be doing. Your growing uterus will continue to put pressure on your bladder meaning the need to urinate becomes more frequent. Luckily this feeling lessens during the second trimester as this is when your baby will begin growing outwards.

Mood swings.

A change in hormones can create huge mood swings during your first trimester. It’s completely normal for your mood to change regularly.

I remember my Husband asking me countless times during my first trimester what was wrong with me? I of course replied ‘nothing’ as all women do, however, the real reason was that I was just pregnant. There’s no shame & there was no real reason as to why I was feeling a little low. It’s all part of the pregnancy ride.

I hope the first trimester is kind to you!

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