Why I Think You're Wrong if You Don't Immunise Your Kids


If you’ve read any dystopian literature, you’ll know that when the world ends, it’ll be because of a natural disaster, a nuclear war or an outbreak of some incurable disease or illness… as a parent, the last thing I want is for the world to end, or for my child to get any form of illness, so when we’re offered immunisations, we take them and I’m totally fine with that.

As a parent, you make choices on behalf of your children to keep them safe. If it is your opinion that immunisations aren’t the right thing to do, that’s great - your child is your responsibility. I’m not being inflammatory with that either, I’m being genuine. It seems to me, however, that some people who don’t immunise their children think that it’s ok to make it clear how against you immunising your child they are. Nothing annoys me more than people telling me how dangerous immunisations (that are designed to protect children) are...are they as dangerous as dying a slow and painful death though? No? So keep your opinion to yourself.

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I think that some parents who choose not to immunise their children assume that anyone who does, in fact, immunise their own children are just being robots and conforming to what “the system” tells us to do. No, I immunise my child, and I will immunise any following children because I don’t want them to die a horrific death from a preventable disease. I also like to believe that our NHS is a service which we can trust. Is it perfect? No. Are we lucky to have the health care we do in the UK? Hell yes.

Recently I got into a heated debate at the pub with a lady who told me that I was completely wrong to immunise my child because it would give him autism… as unproven as the basis for her argument was, I put it to her that no matter what the potential side effects might be, as long as they are less devastating than a life-threatening disease, I’d happily make that choice for my child. For me, it’s a no brainer, but I appreciate that for other people there may be factors which they don’t agree with.

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Why do I immunise my child then? We besides him not getting ill, I think that stopping illnesses spreading is something we all need to be more aware of. I’m no doctor, but I do know that if there is a resurgence of a dormant illness, I don’t want to have thought that I could have prevented my child from getting it - no matter if it’s during his childhood or when he is older. More so, I wouldn't want to think that another child has got ill because I decided to not vaccinate my kid.

I’m not going to be branded as a robot just for immunising, just like those who choose not to immunise their children, we made a choice too. Don’t assume ignorance when it comes to immunisations - I’m happily informed and we are very comfortable with our choice.

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