4 Alternative Gift Ideas for Toddlers That Won't Cost the Earth

Christmas presents under a decorated christmas tree

Are you a bit fed up with all the excess at Christmas?

As much as I love the festive period, the thought of more gifts and toys fills me with dread. We have so many and even less space to house them all.

We've already had a huge clearout and given loads to the local charity shops. If moving home is not an option then asking for non-toy present alternatives is a good idea. such as day out or experience rather than more gifts.

Anyway, let us crack open these 'alternative to toy' gift ideas to give you some inspiration this year.


I know, I know. Kids hate getting clothes.

But as a parent, I LOVE it when my kids get clothes. And actually, there are some adorable bits you can buy these days - onesies, hoodies, pyjamas, and character tops. The list is endless. My boys particularly like dressing up. You can often pick up nearly new items on Facebook marketplace too for a couple of quid. 

Pyjamas, dressing gowns, onesies and slippers all make great gifts. And since we still haven't braced the heating yet, they are more than welcome in this house! 

The obligatory underwear and sock stocking fillers are a must here too, and these are items I'd pick up through the year anyway.

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Bedroom Decor

Again, maybe more gift ideas for parents rather than the kids, but anything that aids organisation and keeping toys tidy gets a thumbs up here. Think storage baskets adorned with cute animals and washing bags for the dirties.

Duvet covers, blankets and cushions make great snuggly gifts in winter, too. I particularly like getting the boys a Christmas or winter-themed set which then gets put away end of January until next winter.  

Quirky lights and lamps can make good gift ideas as well. My eldest loves colourful lights, and lava lamps always tick that box. You can usually pick them up for around ten pounds in many of the home stores in the UK. 

Personal care

I'm all for consumable gifts but tend to lay off the sweets and chocolate as that's usually Grandma's prerogative.

Instead, I prefer a new toothbrush, bath crayons, a Christmas-themed sponge or loofah and who can say no to a sparkly bath bomb?! Character towels are another great gift idea for kids too. Handy to then use in the summer when you head off on holiday or have the paddling pool out. That feels a long way away at the moment!

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Doing Presents

As I mentioned at the start, sometimes it's nicer to get an experience of "doing" gift rather than more toys.

My sister and I have gifted cinema trips and trampoline park vouchers. Also, subscriptions to the local farm park or soft play can be helpful for parents with toddlers and preschoolers (often off-peak subscriptions can be a lot less). 

What will you be gifting this festive season?

Will you be going mad or tightening your belt? I prefer to get a few fun Christmas gifts off their lists to Santa and then go for useful bits and bobs for the rest. And quite often, a lot is second-hand.

Please share with us your gift ideas in the comments too!

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