Christmas Gift Guide: Ages 0 to 5


Babies and toddlers can either be really difficult to buy for or extremely easy.  As they get older, they start pointing at every TV advert on Nick Jnr and Cartoon Network saying 'I want that one' in a very 'Little Britain' style. But as babies, it's hard to gauge what they'd like, what they' need or really know what things are suitable for their age if it's your first or buying for someone else. 

We asked our team of real mums what they were going to get their child for Christmas and what came back were a whole range of sensory, developmental and fun toys for every stage in a child's life up to the age of 5. We've combined these with some of our top picks so you'll never be stuck with what to get your child for Christmas!

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Newborn to 6 Months

Real dad Adam Collins will be purchasing this Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo for his little 1 year old.  With lots of sights and activities to discover on this brightly coloured jumperoo, everywhere your baby looks, from the 360-degree swivel seat, there's something fun to help stimulate your baby's senses. Music, lights, bobbleheads and lots of things to keep baby entertained and captivate their attention, this will be the perfect Christmas gift for your small baby.

Another great toy to aid development is the Fisher-Price My First Cube.  With 6 sides of play and perfectly sized for babies to grasp and play, help boost fine motor-skills and strengthen their dexterity, this colourful little cube can be a great addition to your baby's stocking this year. There's plenty for your baby to get stuck in to, with toggles, switches, spinning rollers, buttons and more, each with their own colour and noise, it will excite and engage your baby's developing tactile and auditory senses too.

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6 to 12 months

This V-Tech Rock and Ride 3-in-1 Unicorn Ride-on Toy is perfect for little ones to learn balance, refine motor skills, and keep them entertained with several motion sensors that trigger sounds, lights and melodies. As your baby grows, this Unicorn transforms into a Ride On toy, encouraging them to make their first steps and aid development right up until they turn 2.

Kirsty Taylor-Moran will be reliving her own childhood by giving her 7-month-old baby a retro Fisher-Price Classics 1694 Chatter Telephone, complete with a rotary dial to teach motor skills and a phone to encourage speech, bringing smiles all around. 

12 to 18 months

For those more mindful mothers looking for sustainably made toys, ones that won't break and can last several generations. Designed for your child to learn and discover, IKEA has made some adorable, colourful little wooden toys as part of their MULA range. Each part is thoroughly tested, so your child can throw, bang and chew on these toys and not break. This MULA crane real mum Gemma Campbell has chosen, has a magnetic attachment to move and match the block shapes to their corresponding slot. Your child can pull it along and steer it around the house with its pully string too.

Bathtime is always a struggle with young children, I'm not sure why they're so hating of water, but a great way to get them in the tub and stop their tantrums is to make bathtime a fun time! These adorable TOMY Toomies Octopals are a great addition to any bath, at any age. They're fun and colourful, have cute expressions and each come with their own little floating island. Turn mummy octopus upside down for water pouring fun and use as a shower cup to rinse shampoo off your little one's head. Tala's 8 cute little babies each squirt water and can be suctioned on to the wall or match the numbers on the floating island to the ocoto-baby's number to make bathtime a time for learning too.

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18 months to 2 years

Real mum Sabrina Hackett-Saikul is buying her 18-month-old a Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack. It includes an ascending wooden track so the trains can go up and down and a colourful bridge and a wagon that makes a lively noise. Finished in bright red and green, this toy will spark creativity and help develop hand-eye coordination.

Another ethical purchase for children, Babi Pur has a huge range of wooden toys for babies and children (perfect for scandi themed nurseries!). A popular choice of toy, this classic activity triangle climbing frame is perfectly formed for your little climbers. This TriClimb  climbing triangle encourages children to climb and discover through their own experience developing motor skills, strength and confidence. Suitable from birth, they can experiment by pulling themselves up, grabbing and reaching the separate rungs. Once they're able to reach the top, you can add a slide, a climbing ramp and other accessories. Throw a blanket over the top and it can be transformed into the ultimate reading den.

2 - 3 years

This Homfa Children's Activity Table and Chairs, as recommended by Lauren Schaefer, is a great little table and chair set for kids to eat, play, painting and do homework. Simply add a drawing paper roll to the holder on the side of the table to bring your child endless arts & craft possibilities. Made of MDF board with wipeable surface and round corners, this table is safe and easy to clean, even after messy play. Kids can easily fit comfortably on the chairs, with plenty of room for growth, right up to the age of 8 years old.

Amaze your child this Christmas with their very own ALLCELE Fun Recording Talking Robot! With vibrant LEDs that light up when your child interacts with it, repeats your words back to them and can even fit in their pocket for hours of entertainment on long car journeys or when travelling. This pocket-sized robot is the perfect stocking filler.

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3-4 years

Abigail Stanley has planned to get her 3-year-old boy a Buzz Lightyear Light-Up Helmet and Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack as he absolutely loves Toy Story. Complete your child's Buzz outfit with these official licensed Disney Buzz Lightyear accessories to aid hours of fun.

For a more educational gift, Amie MacKay has decided to get her 3-year-old a LeapFrog Leap Pad Ultimate & Leap Pad Peppa Pig Reading Cartridge as well as a LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart to help her child to learn to count, help with memory, coordination and matching.

4-5 years

For the more adventurous children, this Remote Control Digger is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is strong enough to move sand, small objects and can easily glide over a whole manner of terrains. Simple two stick driving in the shape of a game console controller makes this toy super easy to operate and will bring hours of fun for your child. Huge thanks to Leyla Brooke for the recommendation!

Puzzles that test your child's memory, creativity, matching skills and literacy are a great idea for a Christmas present. They not only keep children occupied and having fun but also help develop some fundamental skills. This Coogam Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game is not only a fun game but heps your child to read letters, identify and match colours and develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by picking the magnetic fish up with the poles. Made of wood, this toy is also sustainable and is virtually indestructible.

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With Christmas drawing closer, we hope that these Christmas gift ideas for children from Birth to 5 Years will help!

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