5 Reasons You Don’t Need To Have Your Nursery Ready Before Your Baby Arrives

Baby's nursery.

Preparing for the arrival of your baby can be a monumentally joyous time. It’s a period of time filled with excitement, wonder and anticipation.

As a new parent, it’s natural to want the pregnancy to run smoothly and for everything to be 100% perfect.

This includes having your Pinterest-inspired nursery ready before your baby’s arrival.

However, let me let you into a little secret… You don’t need to have your nursery ready before your baby arrives. In fact, there’s several reasons why it’s better to wait.

Let’s discuss! Here are five reasons you don’t need your nursery ready before your baby arrives.

The Six-month Window

Firstly, there’s no real need to have your nursery ready before the baby arrives. It’s recommended that newborns sleep in the same room as their parents until around six months old.

This gives you a six-month window before you even need to start thinking about the nursery.

Obviously, all babies and parental situations are different, you may decide to move your baby before this or after (my first was five months, and my second was eight months), but even still, there’s absolutely no rush to have everything ready!

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Flexibility On Design Choice

One of the biggest advantages of not having your nursery ready before your baby arrives is that you can be more flexible with your design choices.

Before your little miracle arrives you never really know what they’re going to be like or what they’re going to need from their bedroom space.

Sure, you can partly organise the space, but by waiting, you can adjust and adapt your nursery to your baby’s needs as they arise. You can experiment with different layouts, by changing up sleeping arrangements, feeding positions, and play areas until you find what works best for your family.

Saying No To Social Pressures

It’s important to remember that your baby doesn’t need a fully kitted-out nursery to be living a full and healthy life.

Realistically as long as they have somewhere safe to sleep, that’s all they really need from their nursery. We see a lot of things online and on social media which pressure us as new parents into thinking we need to have everything ready before the baby arrives, when in fact, babies don’t require all that much - Just love and safety.

Don’t let Pinterest fool you into believing you need to have a picture-perfect nursery!

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Enjoy the Downtime

Designing and building a nursery can be time-consuming and stressful.

By not worrying about having your nursery ready it’ll give you more time to focus on other important tasks whether this is stocking up on baby essentials or putting your feet up and getting some rest in before your whirlwind arrives.

As annoying as it is to hear, it’s best to take advantage of any downtime you have before the baby arrives.

You Can Save Money

By not having your nursery ready before your baby arrives, you can actually save yourself some money. There’s no rush to go out and buy all the baby gadgets, instead, you can wait until your bundle of joy is here before deciding what it is you actually need.

Plus, you’ll probably find that people will want to buy you gifts or donate hand-me-downs once your baby’s here. You’ll be surprised how many people will want to rally around you.

While it’s only natural to want everything to be perfect for your baby’s arrival, you definitely don’t need to have your nursery pinterest ready for their arrival.

By waiting to set up your nursery, you’ll be more flexible, and I can imagine much less stressed. So put your feet up, grab a cup of tea and enjoy some downtime before the madness starts.

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