7 Top Alternative Advent Calendar Ideas


Advent Calendars are something which kids and adults alike will happily get involved with every December first. Over the last few years, there has been a huge rise in non-chocolate advent calendars. Most people now have a non-chocolate one maybe alongside chocolate. Today I am going to be sharing with you some ideas of these kinds of advent calendars which you could have this year to help you count the sleeps to Christmas. There is going to be a mix of some for the children and also the adults so there is something for everyone.

Book Advent Calendar

This is something which we have done in the past for Jess. I think it is something which we are going to be doing again this year now Troy is a bit older. Sadly, it is not something we managed to do last year because of everything going on. The idea of the book advent calendar is your child unwraps a book every day in the run-up to the big day. They do not have to be festive books. We usually do a mixture so that read them all year not just at Christmas.

Kindness Advent Calendar

This is something Jess’ school did last year which I thought was an amazing idea. There were small tasks which the children had to complete every day. These could be done at school and home the idea was to make people feel better. A couple of examples of these were smiling at everyone you see today, pay people a compliment. Another was say please and thank you for everything today. This could be done with young children as well. It would not cost you anything either.

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Toy Advent Calendar

These are something which have become hugely popular as well. You can get one of your child's favourite characters, I know they do different ones. We have had Lego ones in the past where you get some mini-figures which you have to make. These have been played with all year long which did not make me feel as bad for purchasing them because I thought they may go unloved after Christmas. For sure, I know there are options for shows such as toot toot, paw patrol, Peppa pig and many many more.


Maybe your child is not the biggest chocolate fan, you can now buy or make your own sweet oriented one instead. There are a number of brands which do them now. I know Haribo have done them for the past few years. I think last year swizzel did them as well. However, you could make your own which has their favourite sweets in. For sure I think I would prefer this to a cheap chocolate one. If you're not a huge sweet person there are other types of food which you can get. I know Pringles do them if you would prefer something savoury to sweet. I am sure there are other companies which do them as well.


There a huge range of beauty advent calendars with most brands producing one. No doubt one of your favourites will do them some include skincare, makeup, body products and nail varnish. These are something which I have had in the past. You do need to check what comes in them sometimes because you do not want to be stuck with a lot which you are not going to use. I know when I had

the Ciate one and this had a lot which I never used and it was been a fair few years ago. So this is something to be aware of when looking at the beauty advent calendar.

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This is one which most parents could do with, I know I could most of the time. There are some which are done by tea brands as well if that is more you thing. Who wouldn't want to wake up and have a flavoured hot drink every day to start their day? Of course, there is the risk that you are not going to like some of the ones which you get. No doubt you could find someone who would like to drink them though. This is one which I may have to get one of in the future. I know my mum often has a coffee one.


You can also purchase alcohol ones if you are over the age of 18. There are different kind of alcohol ones depending on what you or who you are purchasing it for like to drink. I have seen people with wine ones, beer and also gin. However, I am sure there are plenty of different sprits available if you look out for them. There are sure to be some in your favourites. Usually, they are miniatures which you can add to a mixture. Of course, you do not have to drink them all in the run-up to Christmas you could use them after as well.

Fingers crossed this has given you some inspiration for advent calendars. Which you can get in the build-up to Christmas and it gets you in the festive mood. It does not all have to be chocolate rated.

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