Best Matching Halloween Costumes for Mum and Baby

mum and baby in fairy costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by dressing up with your little one in adorable matching costumes? Whether you're a fan of classic Disney characters, or fairy-tale fantasies, we've got you covered. In this article, we'll explore some of the best matching Halloween costume ideas for mums and babies that are sure to melt hearts and make some amazing photos to look back on.

Cruella Deville and Dalmatian

Dalmatian costume- 

Cruella costume- 

Embrace your inner villain with a Cruella de Vil costume while your little one steals the show as an adorable Dalmatian puppy. Don't forget to accessorise with a faux fur for that perfect Cruella look.

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Jurassic Park

Dinosaur costume-  

Park ranger costume- 

Take a journey back in time with this Jurassic Park-inspired costume set. You can dress up as a park ranger, complete with khaki shorts, a hat, and a toy tranquilliser gun, while your little one can steal the show an adorable baby dinosaur. If you have a dinosaur obsessed toddler, you’ll be onto a winner with this one!

Alice in Wonderland

 Rabbit costume- 

 Alice costume- 

If you’re looking for a classic character duo this Halloween, what better way than to enter the whimsical world of Wonderland with matching Alice in Wonderland and Rabbit costumes. You can don the iconic blue dress, while your little one can hop around in a fluffy bunny onesie.

Astronaut and Alien Costumes

Astronaut costume- 

Alien costume- 

Is your little one space-obsessed? You won’t want to miss this out-of-this-world costume combination. You can dress up as a pioneering astronaut, complete with a space helmet and boots, while your little one can be the cutest little green alien in the universe.

Pig and Farmer

Pig costume- 

Farmer costume- 

If your little one loves nothing more than a true to the farm, this one is the one for you. Get your cowboy hat and boots on, and pose for a picture with the cutest little farm piglet you ever did see!

Dragon and Knight

Dragon costume- 

Knight costume- 

Turn your halloween fun into a medieval adventure with a knight and dragon-themed costume set. You can become a valiant knight in shining armour, wielding a toy sword and shield, while your baby can be the fearsome (but cute) little dragon. 

Wolf & LIttle Red Riding Hood

Wolf costume- 

Little red riding hood costume- 

This has to be one of the cutest outfits for your little one. Dress them up in this adorable baby wolf costume, complete with paws and a plush head, and get ready for the coos to pour in from friends and family.

And, why not match them in this super-cute Red Riding Hood costume!


Adult fairy costume- 

Baby fairy costume- 

If you’re looking for a touch of magic and whimsy in your Halloween costumes, why not both dress up as fairies? There are plenty of options out there for this choice. You can choose her favourite fairy costume, or make one from an old dress you aren’t getting enough wear out of, and your little one can be a precious fairy baby. With glittery wings and wands in hand, you'll both bring a sprinkle of magic to Halloween!

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