The Best Halloween Costumes for Babies

For some parents, planning their baby's first Halloween costume might be something they’ve been looking forward to and have it all organised. But, it can be SO hard to choose what to dress your little one as.
When they’re this small, they look adorable in any costume, so it can be overwhelming to look at a sea of outfits and have to pick just one. So, to help you out, we’ve narrowed down the cutest 10 baby Halloween costumes to make your decision that little bit easier!

Ketchup and Mustard Costumes

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If you have twins, this is the perfect costume! This duo costume is great for twins with opposing personalities, showing off their adorable differences in the cutest way. Plus, as this costume isn’t overtly Halloween-themed, you could incorporate these into their everyday wardrobes for a fun yet quirky outfit!

Bat Romper

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This bat romper is a great choice for your baby's first Halloween, as it is the perfect blend of comfort and cuteness. Plus, the easy-on, easy-off design simplifies any nappy changes during the festivities, making it an ideal choice for busy parents celebrating their baby's first spooky season.

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Bee Bodysuit

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Selecting a bee bodysuit costume for your baby's first Halloween is a buzzing good idea!

Not only will your little one look utterly adorable, but the simplicity of a bodysuit makes nappy changes hassle-free, so you can focus on capturing those precious moments. Plus, it comes with matching wings, a hat and socks for the finishing touches. It's a sweet, practical, and memorable choice that'll have everyone swooning over your little bee's debut Halloween appearance.

Baby Turtle

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This adorable turtle outfit is perfect if your baby is still a newborn. This charming choice not only adds an extra layer of cuteness to your little one but also ensures their comfort with its cosy design. The soft, knit material will keep them snug and warm, perfect for the autumn chill.

Giraffe Outfit

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This whimsical choice not only adds a delightful touch to the celebration if you’re not wanting to dress your baby in a spooky outfit but also keeps your little one snug and cosy in soft, plush fabrics. This giraffe costume embodies the spirit of joy and adventure, making it an unforgettable addition to your baby's first Halloween experience.

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Monkey Outfit

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Dress your baby in a playful monkey costume for their first Halloween, and watch all the compliments come in!

This adorable choice adds a dose of fun to the festivities while keeping your little one comfortable in its soft design. Whether swinging from tree branches or trick-or-treating with you, your baby in a monkey costume will create heartwarming memories and capture the joy of their very first Halloween celebration.

Pumpkin Bodysuit

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Celebrate your baby's first Halloween with an utterly adorable pumpkin costume that includes a matching hat and socks. This ensemble not only embodies the essence of the season, and is a light nod to the spookiness of the season but also keeps your little one snug and stylish.

Yoda Costume 

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Transform your baby into a pint-sized Jedi with an enchanting Yoda costume for their first Halloween. This costume is a delightful way to introduce your little one to the Star Wars universe while guaranteeing your friends will love your choice. The iconic Yoda ears and robe create an adorable ensemble that's perfect for the occasion. It's a must-have choice for parents who want to make their baby's first Halloween truly out of this world.

Chucky Costume

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This Chucky costume is a great choice for any horror fans! Dressing your little one in this iconic costume is a surefire way to get pictures to remember! Plus, the costume itself isn’t overtly scary without knowing the film context surrounding it, so it’s a win-win!

Witch Costume

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Selecting a witch costume for your baby's first Halloween can be bewitchingly adorable! 

This timeless classic transforms your little one into a tiny enchantress while keeping them comfortable. This witch costume also comes with a cute hat which adds a touch of whimsy to the outfit! And, it’s an easy outfit to wear for a matching outfit! 

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