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For many parents, returning to work after maternity leave can be difficult to navigate. It’s normal to feel a lot of emotions during this time. You may be struggling with the emotional adjustment of leaving your baby and feeling guilty about being away from them, as well as facing the exhaustion from juggling work and parenting for the first time. It can all be a lot, and we’ve got plenty of helpful articles on returning to work to help you through!

Before returning to work, consider discussing your concerns with your employer and work together to create a plan that works for you. This could include flexible working arrangements, an adjusted work schedule, or provisions to make breastfeeding at work easier. Make sure to familiarise yourself with any help with childcare you’re entitled to before making any decisions.

It is also important to be kind to yourself and understand that the adjustment period may take some time. Follow our top tips and practice self-care during this time.

Let’s face it, parenting is tiring, and it takes up a lot of time! With the arrival of a new baby, the demands of caring for your little one can put a strain on your relationship with your partner.

Sleepless nights and endless nappy changes can leave you feeling tired, stressed, and uninterested in intimacy or enjoying time with your partner in the same way you usually do.

The physical impact of pregnancy and childbirth can also affect your sex life after having a baby, and getting your relationship back on track can take time. Check out our top ten date night ideas to enjoy with your partner!

When choosing childcare for your child, make sure to consider all available options. While nursery is the most common option out there, it’s not the only option, and might not be right for your little one. Head here for information on all of the different childcare options out there. Or, have a read of our handy guide on how to decide between nursery and childcare.

Before making a decision, think about your child's specific needs and requirements. If your little one struggles with time away from you, check out our article on how to deal with separation anxiety. It’s also important to know what free childcare you’re entitled to if any, before making a decision.