The Second Trimester

by Your Baby Club

For many, the second trimester is saying goodbye to the horrid morning sickness, and hello to a bit more energy and less anxiety as your hormones change. But at least you’re out of the uncertain time that is the first trimester. You’ll have had your 12-week scan by now, meaning you’ve finally been able to see your little one on an ultrasound and have circulated the pictures round your friends and family, having them all cooing and excited for another addition to your household. The second trimester includes weeks 13-27 of pregnancy.


Your frequent visits to the bathroom will have eased off a bit by this point, as baby starts to descend out of the pelvis into its newly expanded living quarters, and your bump is just about to start showing - looking less like bloating and more like a baby growing! In this trimester, a lot of development occurs in the baby’s brain and body, as it starts to look more and more human by the day. Its features move into their rightful place, limbs become more proportionate and the little one starts wriggling around, ready to start jabbing you from the inside when they taste something you’ve eaten via their amniotic fluid. These should start around mid-way through your second trimester if this is your first pregnancy, subsequent pregnancies may feel flutters a little earlier on.

By the end of this trimester, you’ll also find out the sex of the baby (unless you want it to be a surprise) and be able to start preparing their nursery ready for their arrival in just a few short months.

This is the trimester you’ll likely enjoy the most!

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