Your Pregnancy at Week 31

by Your Baby Club

"Can't stop to talk I have to pee" has become your standard answer to most questions. That is mainly down to the fact you have a baby’s head bouncing on your bladder! To add insult to injury you may find you need to wee even more at night. This is due to the fluid that causes your hands and feet to swell during the day finding its way to the bladder. One silver lining – you can start the day with ankles!

Leaky boobs may also be a factor when choosing what to wear. Your body is getting ready for breastfeeding (if that’s how you want to feed your baby) and is starting to produce colostrum to meet your baby’s needs in the first few days following delivery.

One slightly different thing you may notice is that your baby’s periods of being awake are much more noticeable, this is since they have begun sleeping for longer periods of time, meaning you get a bit longer each day before the regular feeling of their feet as they learn different movements.

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As your baby is getting bigger, one thing you may notice around this period is an increase in backaches and pains, this is since your back is curving to accommodate the growth occurring on the other side of your body. To try and tackle this, why not try to incorporate some prenatal yoga into your routine, by doing this, you will not only be able to relieve some of these newfound pains, but it also gives you a great way to keep your mind at ease before the big day.

Another thing to be wary of at this stage is the wonderful thing of pregnancy brain! Yes unfortunately as you get further into your pregnancy, your brain cell volume reduces meaning you can become prone to forgetfulness and being generally less ‘with it’ than you might usually have been. To tackle this, why not try noting more things down, either on a device or on paper, and try and delegate as much as you can to reduce the number of things your brain is trying to remember.

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