Surviving Christmas While Heavily Pregnant


Today I am going to be sharing with you some tips on how to cope with Christmas when you are heavily pregnant. This year by the time Christmas rolls around I will actually be 37 weeks pregnant, which does mean that the baby could come any time. So, I am going to share how we are trying to keep Christmas as normal as we can seeing as we also have Jess who is already 4 years old. There is going to be so many changes in the next few weeks as it is.

Start Shopping for presents early

This is something which I tend to anyway because it does allow me to spread the cost of Christmas. This year I have done the majority of it online and either clicked and collected it or had it delivered. The reason why I have done this is so that I can avoid the shops when they are so busy. I think I ordered some of my Christmas presents in September. I have found this so much easier as there is not as much pressure on me to have to get the presents. Plus, I am finding it harder to walk now the further along I get so I would not want to get bumped.

Don't be afraid to say no

This time of year, people are always asking you to go to events. Whether this is the local light switch on, to Christmas Markets or just for drinks. If you are not feeling up to it does not feel like you have to do things to please others. You need to put yourself and your baby first. Instead of going out for drinks may invite them round to your house for drinks. This means that you can cancel the last moment if you're not feeling amazing. Of course, you can be as comfortable as you can be.

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Ask for help

If you are anything like me this can be one of the hardest things to do. However, this is something which I have had to do recently. For example, I love to do everything when it comes to Christmas this year, I have had to have some help when it comes to putting the tree up from my other half. I knew this was a job which I was not going to be able to do as I found it hard to bend down to decorate the bottom of the tree. Of course, there is going to be other things which you may find hard and have to ask others to help. Whether it be a partner or someone else.

Do things in small chunks

This is something which I usually do anyway when it comes to Christmas however, this year is something which I have had to do even more. So, this year I have been doing wrapping sat on our dining room table instead of doing it on the floor which I would normally do. I have been giving myself an hour at a time to do some of the gift wrapping. I have also given my time spots when I have been feeling well to do things like writing the Christmas card's I need to do.

Click and Collect Food

Ordering your food which you need for Christmas and the period around it is one of the best things you can do. This means you can send your partner to collect it and you can avoid the rush of the supermarkets but you know he has everything you need. This is something which we have managed to do last year as well. At the moment I am unsure if I would be able to cope in a busy supermarket. When you click and collect you can also make amendments to your order up to 24 hours before you collect usually.

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Present Exchange Early

There is no shame in present exchanging early this is something which we have done this year. It made more sense for us to travel to Joe's family instead of them all having to come up to us. As a result of us being heavily pregnant really close to Christmas, we decided to present exchange at the start of December. This was a lot less hassle for us of course, we took the hospital notes and everything just in case we needed them. I found I was very tired after this day however; it was a lot easier than hosting people for coffee for a few weekends. Instead its ones just one day which I had to get through.

Always carry snacks and a drink

This is something which I have been doing more and more as we have got closer to the end. This is because I found as I have been busier, I have been forgetting to eat and drink as much. This means that I have had less energy and struggling with headaches. This has meant that I need to sleep more and have less patience with others. This is why I find it better to have snacks to hand because I am not as grouchy then. No doubt this is something which I should have been doing throughout my pregnancy.

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Be Prepared In Case of Bad Weather

Make sure you know another route to the hospital just in case we do end up with a white Christmas and you do end up needing to visit the hospital. There would be nothing worse than been in labour and not been able to get to the hospital. I am lucky the best way for us to go to the hospital is a motorway which is very unlikely to be closed.

Know how to contact your midwife or hospital should you need them The last thing you want over the Christmas period is not to be able to contact someone about your pregnancy. Because of course, your midwife may be off when it comes to this period however, you may need someone should you have complications. This is is something which scares me because I am already high risk so I am going to make sure I know who I need to contact should I need to.

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