What to Look for in a Good Baby Bouncer

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Although a newborn spends much of their time sleeping, as the weeks go by, they will spend more and more time looking around them. Lying in a cot or pram staring at the ceiling can be very boring! They want to see the world around them; they especially want to see mum.

In addition, mums need a safe space where they can put their babies without having to carry them around. The answer is a bouncing or rocking chair. These can be used from birth until your baby is old enough to sit up by themselves, usually around six months, although you should use them sparingly for the first few weeks. They are also useful when it is time for their first feeds.

What’s the difference between a bouncing chair and a rocking chair?

Typically, a bouncing chair is a seat on a frame which bounces when a baby kicks, sometimes quite violently if the baby is feeling energetic. They can learn that kicking causes the movement as soon as a few weeks after birth! At one

time there was concern about whether this had a detrimental effect on the baby, but research has shown that the forces involved are minimal.

A rocking chair is a seat on curved runners so your baby just moves back and forward. Most have a mechanism which stops the chair from moving which is very useful if you are using it to feed your baby!

The simplest bouncing chairs are little more than fabric stretched over a metal frame. Some chairs have a more luxurious padded fabric and some have an adjustable backrest. This means that your baby can be more upright to see what is happening while they are awake, or more laid back for a midday snooze. If you intend using from birth, look for one that has newborn head support. And if space is short, look for one which can be folded and put away or taken out and about.

Many come with toy bars, with dangling toys to entertain the baby and some of the more expensive ones vibrate which can be great at helping the baby sleep.

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Important Tip

Remember, never use these chairs anywhere but on the floor. It can be tempting to put it on a work surface so baby and mum can see each other. However, the chairs move with the baby’s movement, sometimes quite quickly and can so easily fall, seriously injuring your baby. Better safe than sorry!

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