What you Do and Don’t Need for Your Baby’s Nursery

pink baby nursery with bunting on wall

There is so much advice out there on what you do and don’t need for your baby’s nursery, that it can get extremely confusing knowing what to believe. The main issue is that every parent is different, and every baby (or babies if you are having multiples) is different. This means that a one fits all approach is never going to work. Having said this, here are some things that you might want to consider when planning for your baby’s nursery, and a few things that might just end up being a big waste of money - you may still want them, but perhaps wait until baby is here to make the final decision on these ones.

Somewhere to Sleep

It is generally advised to wait a little while before baby sleeps on their own in their nursery, but you can get them used to the space by placing their crib, Moses basket or a travel cot in the room during the day if you would like. Once they are old enough, having a cot in the room gives them a quiet, safe space to sleep. You can get cot beds, which adapt into a toddler bed when they are ready, which can save money and hassle in the long run.

A chair/ Somewhere to Sit 

Having somewhere for you and or your co-parent to sit when baby is in their cot is a good idea and will save your back. You can also read stories to your baby whilst sitting in the chair together, or give them their whole evening routine in the room by feeding them in the chair too.

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A mobile or night light

I’m not talking about a smartphone, having a mobile above baby’s cot can help them to feel safe and secure at night. They will not be able to get up and about to begin with, so something they can see above them, when they are lying flat on their back generally works best. A night light can help if baby doesn’t like pitch black, and also gives you a light to see by for those night feeds or when you check on them if they wake during the night. Your shins will thank me later!

Wardrobe Space

You don’t need a full wardrobe necessarily, but having somewhere to store baby’s clothes and accessories will keep the room neat and tidy, and help you find everything you need quickly and easily throughout the day (because, let’s face it, babies rarely stay in one set of clothes for a whole day).

Changing Essentials

You don’t need a full changing station in the room, or at all if you don’t see it as necessary, but it is a good idea to have those changing essentials close to hand for emergency nappy changes. I recommend a portable changing mat, which can be easily stored away, some eco-friendly wipes, or cotton pads and water, and a never-ending supply of nappies.

So, as for the things I wouldn’t recommend, or would suggest you save those pennies on?

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Expensive Gadgets

It may be listed as a ‘must have’ in those baby magazines, and raved about by influencers on Instagram, but you don’t really need all those latest gadgets, especially if they are beyond your means. Babies actually need very little to keep them safe, warm and happy, and if all you can afford is a secondhand cot, that is more than enough for the nursery.

An Array of Toys

It’s tempting but don’t stock up on ALL the toys right away. For a start, you’ll soon realise you have nowhere to store them once baby is here, trends and styles change and you may not want the toys you see now for baby once they are old enough for them. Instead, leave it to relatives and friends to treat baby on special occasions, and stick to the essentials to start with.


Newborn babies do not need bedding. Avoid cot bumpers as they are unsafe (read up on the safety information to find out why), and don’t be tempted by miniature pillows and duvet covers for your young baby - they are unnecessary and can cause harm. Instead, opt for a light sheet or a baby sleeping bag - just read up to find out which Tog is suitable for the season and room temperature.

Hopefully, this post will help when it comes to deciding what you do and do not need for your baby’s nursery. It’s an exciting time, but it can feel overwhelming. Stop and think about what you actually need, to save time, effort and money when it comes to decorating your nursery.

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