7 Things That Mums Wish They’d Had More Advice On During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an exciting journey, but it's also a time that comes with a lot uncertainty and questions, especially as a first time parent. 

At Your Baby Club, we want to help mums get the answers and advice they need, when they need it. We asked our members which topics they wished they’d had more guidance on throughout pregnancy, and here’s what they said…

1. What Contractions Feel Like

Before you’ve experienced child birth, it’s hard to imagine what contractions will feel like! But, understanding what to expect from contractions can help alleviate anxiety during labour. 

Contractions are often described as intense menstrual cramps, starting mildly and increasing in intensity. They cause the abdomen to tighten and may radiate to the lower back. 

Head here for more on what contractions feel like.

To help track your contractions and easily monitor how your labour is progressing, download our helpful contraction log template here.

It’s also good to keep in mind that contractions aren’t always the first sign of labour. Head here for a quick guide to the early signs of labour to look out for.

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2. Hospital Bag Essentials for Your Birth Partner

While much emphasis is placed on packing a hospital bag for the mum-to-be, birth partners also need essentials for time spent away from home. Items like snacks, spare clothes, toiletries, phone chargers, and entertainment can make the birthing experience more comfortable for partners. Head here for a complete guide to hospital bag essentials.

To make your life easier when packing, download your printable hospital bag checklist here and tick your way through essentials.

One thing that is commonly forgotten when packing a hospital bag is a good selection of snacks. Check out these must-have snacks for your hospital bag!

3. What to Expect at 40 Weeks Pregnant

Reaching the 40-week mark can be both exciting and overwhelming. You’ve made it through all three trimesters, but what now? It's essential to know what to expect during this final stretch of pregnancy. Check out our guide to week 40 of pregnancy for more on what happens next.

From the reality of being overdue to the different types of labor inductions available, being informed can help ease anxiety and prepare for the next steps. If you do go overdue, head here for how to prepare for labour when the big day does arrive!

4. Setting Up Long Term Savings for Your Baby

Planning for your baby's future involves more than just immediate needs, but where do you start? Setting up long-term savings early on can provide financial security for your child's future education or help start to build a nest egg to help them later in life. If you don’t know where to start, here’s five ways to save for your baby’s future. 

One of the biggest roadblocks for new parents to save anything for the future are ever-rising childcare costs. One way that you can help these costs down is through the tax-free childcare scheme. Head here for a guide on how to get registered for tax-free childcare.

Or, if you’re just looking for new ideas alternatives to reduce your overall costs, check out these six ways to cut childcare costs.

5. When to Buy Baby Items

Deciding when to buy baby items can be overwhelming for new parents! It’s easy to want to go out and buy everything as soon as you find out that your little one is on the way. Head here for more on when is too early to shop for baby clothes. 

While some items, such as a car seat or pushchair, are essential to have before the baby arrives, others can wait until later. Check out the baby items that this mum thinks you can probably save your money on! 

When you do begin shopping, head here for all of our buying advice for baby items to make sure you get the perfect products.

One way that lots of parents save money on baby products is looking for second-hand goodies. This is a great and eco-friendly way to save money, but should be avoided for some items. Check out everything you need to know about second-hand baby products. 

Or, for other ways to save some money on your shopping, take a look at these ten thrifty ways to save on baby clothes.

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6. Financing for Changes as a New Parent

On top of shopping for your little one, becoming a parent can bring about some big lifestyle changes. From buying a family car to saving for a house, there are lots of financial considerations to make as a new parent. 

For more on getting in the right financial position to buy a house, here’s some simple advice on saving for a house as a new parent. When the big day does arrive, follow these tips for moving house with a baby!

Even with helpful advice, there’s no denying that becoming a parent can put a strain on your finances. Here are some more saving hacks to bring the price of your weekly food shop down.

Or, have you considered bulk buying your everyday baby products? We’ve put together our top picks of things you should bulk buy as a new parent.

7. Child Benefit and How to Claim It

Child benefit is a valuable financial support for parents, but navigating the process of claiming it can be confusing. Understand how to claim what you’re entitled to with our guide to claiming child benefit.

It’s also a good idea to explore other financial benefits available for families, including tax-free childcare and the Sure Start Maternity Grant. For more of our easy-to-understand advice, head here for our family finances advice.

Navigating pregnant life can feel like information overload. We hope that our simple parenting advice can help shed some light on these topics that our members feel they need some more advice on!

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