Drinking With Children: Should There Be a Limit?


“If any parent even has chance/is brave enough to venture into a Wetherspoons then surely they’re winning; two drinks or not! I’d kill for the chance, closest I get is a slush when the eldest is at swimming lessons and the youngest two are running riot acting feral.. do you reckon if I ask nicely they can provide a crèche whilst I have my two drinks 😩😩😩”

This is a response we received from one of our mummy bloggers at the news that Wetherspoons have introduced a rule limiting parents with children to two drinks, and isn’t what she is saying just so true!

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand their logic, parents plus alcohol plus small children is a recipe for disaster in the wrong hands, but surely for the sensible parents out there, it is a bit of a shame to be denied that highly deserved extra glass of red!

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Unfortunately, however, in the UK there is a very apparent issue with alcohol. In August 2019 drink driving deaths were at their highest in over a decade. This is an issue that can impact children even if it seems impossible and so, unfortunately, a decision like this could be seen as a step in the right direction.

This, however, does not mean having the occasional drink is not impossible, so pitchforks down, there is hope yet for all you stressed parents out there! There are a great number of ways you can relax and wind down with a drink without having to head to your local. So why not try some of these.

Have a dinner party

A simple way to have a good time, have a drink, and also save some of that well-earned money. A dinner party provides a great opportunity to wind down and catch up with some friends that you haven’t seen likely since the last time you had a good nights sleep, or get some of your mum friends around to spread the joy of winding down away from your little terrors. It doesn’t have to be anything special, a simple meal, some bottles of your favourite beverage and you’ll be sorted, so put the kids to bed, sit down and relax for a bit with some of your friends.

Make use of friends or family

Always remember that you have people around you who are happy to support you, so if you simply want some chill time by yourself or with your other half then why not simply ask? A few hours away from your little ones can do you a world of good! And don’t worry about missing them too much, because if they are with friends you will always have the option of going and picking them up, they don’t have to stay away from home but it’s always there as an option if you want.

Find nearby child-friendly pubs

Just because your local spoons is becoming less suitable for you when you’re with your kids doesn’t mean there aren’t some great pubs out there that can be. Loads of pubs these days have little creches and play areas for your children to occupy themselves with whilst you enjoy a needed drink. Places like these can also have great children’s food menus so you can start introducing your little ones into some more interesting tastes and smells whilst they’re still young.

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See, hope is not lost quite yet! For all the parents out there stressing about how they will be able to unwind from their world of nappies, screaming and sleepless nights there are some great options for you. And I’m going to leave you today with something another of our mummy bloggers said that may bring you some comfort if you think you are alone in this struggle.

“Do Wetherspoons not realise parents sometimes NEED more than 2 drinks to get through the day with kids!? 😂 🙈”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it was the right decision?

To read more about why the limit was introduced click here 

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